What is a Youtube funnel and how it's result oriented for your business

Safalta Expert Published by: Vanshika Jakhar Updated Fri, 09 Dec 2022 01:20 AM IST

The marketing plan is yours. You have video content that prevents scrolling. The only thing left to do is create a YouTube marketing funnel that is effective. The path users take from "never hearing" about your brand to becoming devoted customers is known as a "funnel." YouTube should be the main focus. They have a 2 billion-strong active audience, and according to Google, 70% of users have bought something after seeing it on YouTube.

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Source: Safalta

How to enter this market is demonstrated in this article. We'll discuss how to build a completely optimized YouTube marketing funnel from the ground up. To keep things as simple as possible, we'll walk you through each step of the process step by step. 

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Table of Content
What Exactly Are Marketing Funnels?
A YouTube Funnel: What Is It?
A Steps To Create A YouTube Sales Funnel

What Exactly Are Marketing Funnels?

The journey a user takes from being a casual browser to becoming a devoted customer is known in marketing as a funnel. It begins the moment they discover your company and concludes with a transaction. Simply put, it's how your company turns a lead into a customer. It is possible to increase sales, raise brand awareness, and keep customers with a well-organized marketing funnel.

A YouTube Funnel: What Is It?

A marketing funnel specifically created to convert customers through YouTube is known as a "YouTube marketing funnel." Because each social media platform is unique, it's essential to develop a digital marketing funnel that caters to all of them. Your objective when using a YouTube sales funnel is to only attract potential customers through YouTube.

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A Steps To Create A YouTube Sales Funnel


Top Of Funnel: Building Awareness

Your relationship with potential customers begins right here. They don't know who you are yet, but they likely have a problem that needs solving. You need to gain people's trust right now. Giving away top-of-funnel (TOFU) content for free is the most effective way to engage new viewers. The audience must find this content interesting and helpful.

2. Middle Of The Funnel: Using Lead Magnets To Gather Contact Information

The portion of the funnel in the middle is where you emphasize the value of your brand and product. It's time to move things forward now that you've connected with your target audience, established your expertise through excellent educational content, and warmed up your leads. Getting your YouTube viewers' email addresses is the main objective here. We must transfer them from YouTube to your website to accomplish this. Only their first name and email address are required to be collected here, so limit your form to just these two fields. Next, you must have an offer on your landing page that visitors can redeem in exchange for providing their email addresses. But keep in mind that most people won't give you their email address unless you provide them with something worthwhile in return, like a free video tutorial or a coupon code, so be sure to be clear about what the user will get.

3. Lead nurturing and conversions: Bottom of the Funnel

The funnel's final phase is referred to as the "business end." Alternatively, where the money is made, to put it another way. Your leads are now extremely qualified. This indicates that they are interested in your brand and have all the information they require to decide what to buy. It's time to use hard-sell techniques to turn those leads into paying customers. Any remaining questions should be answered through your content here. According to our experience, a targeted email campaign is the best way to accomplish this. In fact, after paid search and organic traffic, research from Custora E-Commerce Pulse reveals that email is the third-highest channel for transactions.

YouTube is essential for any marketer because it has so many active users. A fully automated marketing funnel like this one has the advantage of never ceasing to function. It simply keeps working away in the background, bringing in leads, converting them into sales, and cultivating devoted clients.

What does the business funnel approach entail?

The funnel approach involves using sales and marketing funnels to monitor the paths taken by customers from the time they first learn about your product until the time they request a quote, make an order, or arrange a meeting with you.

How do surveys on YouTube operate?

A YouTuber may design an online survey to collect feedback and opinions from their subscribers. Results may be displayed to both the creator and the audience in real-time. Polls made by the YouTube community are a simple way to learn new information and apply it to your advantage.

What exactly are funnels, and how do they aid in the business expansion?

The customer journey—from first becoming aware of a brand to making a final purchase and beyond—can be modeled using the sales funnel. Your business can use the funnel as a kind of road map to meet customers where they are, guide them effectively, and scale marketing and sales.

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