What is ASO with its tools: The Complete Guide

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Apps have enormous popularity. The number of apps created and available on Google Play and the Apple App Store has significantly increased since 2017. Estimates based on statistics place the number of apps in existence at 2.8 million or more. No matter which vertical your app belongs to, there is bound to be fierce competition with that many apps. Because of the competition, it might be challenging for your app to stand out.

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With so many apps available, it may seem nearly impossible for your app to stand out and draw users in.
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What is "App Store Optimization" (ASO)?

The practice of optimizing mobile apps specifically to achieve a higher ranking in app store search results is known as "app store optimization" (ASO). It is simple to refer to app store optimization as the go-to SEO for Google Play and the Apple App Store because ASO and search engine optimization (SEO) for websites share some of the same components and/or qualities. Simply put, ASO is a strong tool with low overhead, high potential, and low costs. 

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ASO Keyword Research

The core of ASO is keyword research. Whatever way you cut it, keywords give your app "identity." Keywords are essential for both user discovery and user perception of your app. meaning that users will recognize your app in some way if a particular keyword propels it to the top of the search results. Users may associate your app with something entirely different if another keyword is what brings it up. The first thing you should keep in mind is to exercise caution when choosing the most potent keywords. This is particularly true given that these keywords capture the essence of your app. The key here is to comprehend how these keywords function in any given app store. As a result, it's critical to ask yourself the following questions:
Will the right people find your app because of the keyword?
What purpose do your keywords serve in searches?
What is the primary KPI for a particular keyword?
Knowing which keywords to concentrate on is one thing; ranking for those keywords is quite another. It's time to optimize your app's discovery now that you have managed to compile a list of the top-performing keywords for your app.

How to Improve the Searchability of Your App Page

It's time to add the keywords you chose to the app field, description, title, and a ton of other places so that you'll have a better chance of showing up higher when a user searches for any of those keywords. Consider the SEO strategies from the past, when we would count the main keywords we wanted to rank for throughout the text. Make sure the title is intriguing and compelling, and keep in mind that while it may be good for ASO, the description of your app will likely be similar to it and utilize the same keyword structure.

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The goal is to make sure that your app can meet the ranking requirements necessary to appear at the top of a search results page. This is especially important given how difficult the road to success in ASO is. Knowing some well-known and successful tactics is beneficial.
  • Recognize Your Competitors and Customers.
You might not realize it, but not everyone has a thorough understanding of their market and competitors. Understanding how customers use an app is the foundation of a solid ASO strategy. Furthermore, it includes a very thorough overview of the overall competitive environment.
Pro tip: Make sure you are aware of what your rivals are up to.
  • Pick the proper app name.
The success of your app can be greatly impacted by the choice of its name. Naturally, your app will achieve many of the milestones you're hoping for if you come up with a catchy and distinctive name. Nevertheless, keep in mind to always include pertinent keywords in your title for the best results. A well-known brand or local celebrity should not be reflected in your use of language that would be considered offensive in another market. Simply put, the best approach is to choose a memorable name that makes it clear what your app is intended to do.
  • Boost Your Keywords
ASO must take into account both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the two most popular app stores in the world, in contrast to SEO, where the majority of our efforts are concentrated on Google. Many tactics can be used universally, especially given that we are discussing a few different app stores. Nevertheless, both stores require apps to have the best keywords to succeed, regardless of how different they may be. Although your overall strategy need not be different, you must maximize keywords in each of these stores. ASO is very significant. What makes it special is that it doesn't involve competing to spend the most money or anything similar. It involves commitment and diligence. It requires research, business goal alignment, and ongoing testing. Your ability to succeed with ASO depends on your knowledge of the opportunities it presents and your willingness to put in the necessary effort. Although not difficult, it can be tedious. Nevertheless, it's worthwhile.

What is an example of ASO?

For instance, a company may contract with an insurance provider to review and handle employee health plan claims while still being in charge of making the necessary payments. A company that purchases health insurance for its employees from an outside provider is in contrast to an ASO arrangement.

What is the ASO's purpose?

Understanding your target market, including the search terms your potential customers use to find apps similar to yours, is essential to the ASO process.

How many different kinds of keywords exist in ASO?

Utilize as many keywords as you can. not using the app name or app title's most pertinent and popular keywords (Apps for iOS: 65–110 keywords; Apps for Android: 60–105 keywords).

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