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RBI Office Attendant Salary 2021: Check in-hand salary, allowance, and payscale here

Safalta Expert Published by: Deepesh Mehra Updated Sat, 17 Jul 2021 10:51 PM IST


RBI Office Attendant Salary 2021- get details on in-hand salary, allowance, and pay scale here. RBI Office Attendant exam expected soon.
Working with the Reserve Bank of India is a dream for many. RBI conducts various exams to recruit eligible candidates to work with it at different posts. RBI Office Attendant Exam is conducted by RBI to recruit candidates to the post of RBI Assistant. Cracking this exam requires a lot of hard work and consistent study plan. Candidates who are preparing for RBI Office Attendant Exam must know all about RBI Office Attendant salary structure and other benefits to evaluate the profession for themselves. RBI offers a lucrative amount of salary and along with that it provides various opportunities for the growth of individuals. Read this article to know all about RBI Office Attendant salary, allowances and more.

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RBI Office Attendant Salary

After the 7th pay commission, the basic pay for RBI Office Attendant 2021 is ₹10,940/- per month. The pay scale for the post of RBI Office Attendant is as per the scale of 10940 - 380 (4) -12460 - 440 (3) – 13780 – 520 (3) – 15340 - 690 (2) -16720 – 860 (4) – 20160 – 1180 (3) - 23700.
Basic Pay ₹10,940/-
Pay scale Rs. 10940 - 380 (4) -12460 - 440 (3) – 13780 – 520 (3) – 15340 - 690 (2) -16720 – 860 (4) – 20160 – 1180 (3) - 23700.
Gross pay Rs.22,000 per month
Salary in-hand Rs.26,091 per month

RBI Office Attendant Perks and Allowances

Apart from a reputed job and a good salary there are various perks and allowances that a RBI Office Attendant is offered. The allowances that a RBI Office Attendant receives include the following:
  • Dearness Allowance
  • City Compensatory Allowance
  • Transport Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance

Other benefits which are provided to RBI Office Attendant include:
  1. RBI’s accommodation (subject to availability)
  2. Vehicle maintenance for official purpose
  3. Newspaper
  4. Briefcase
  5. Furnishing Allowances
  6. Reimbursement of medical bills
  7. Interest-free festive advance
  8. Leave Fare Concession (LFC)
  9. Loans at concessional interest rates
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RBI Office Attendant Job Profile 

It is also important for candidates aspiring for appear for RBI Office Attendant Exam to know about the job profile of RBI Assistant. The responsibilities of RBI Office Attendant include the following:
  • Arranging the files in an organized manner.
  • The office Attendant would have to pass various documents in various departments.
  • Ensuring the officers have all the necessary needs at their desk.
  • Having the incoming documents/letter entries for other official centers.
Besides, the above mentioned responsibilities and various perks that have been mentioned before, RBI Office Attendant is provided with various opportunities for promotion.

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RBI Office Attendant Career Prospects

RBI conducts internal promotional exams at regular intervals. Candidates who pass these exams are promoted to higher positions. As positions increase, candidates' salary also increases with promotions. The RBI Office Attendant can get promoted to RBI Assistant, then comes RBI Manager Base Level, then comes RBI Manager Middle Level and so on.
Other Benefits of Being  RBI Assistant
There are various benefits of being a RBI Office Attendant which are as follows:
  • Work life: RBI Office Attendant has to work for 5 days in a week. The job duration is 8 hours per day. Weekends are off for RBI Assistant. Thus this job maintains a balance between the work life and personal life of the employee. Along with this, the number of leaves granted to RBI Office Attendant are more than what are given in other banking sector jobs. 
  • Medical Benefits: RBI provides medical facilities for the employee and the family as well which as very substantial benefit of working with RBI.
  • Accommodation Facility: RBI Assistants are provided with accommodation facility.
  • Education Loan: RBI gives education loans up to Rs.20 lakhs to the children of the employees at a very nominal rate. The children are also given scholarships.
  • Housing Loan: RBI gives housing loan facility to its employees, which is up to Rs.30 lakhs at nominal rates.


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