NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12- Download PDF

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Here is the information about NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12. You can give a read to this blog and get PDFs of the subject

NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry are the most significant study resources for preparing for various competitive examinations, such as IIT JEE Chemistry. Every year, between 20 to 25 percent of the questions in the JEE Mains Chemistry portion are taken directly from the NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry. The theoretical and practical explanations of every idea covered in this book should be studied in depth by the students. The textbook is a compilation of chapters authored by some of the top experts in the area of chemistry. Additionally, it provides an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts of chemistry. Besides CBSE Class 12 board exams, NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry (Part I and Part II) include all the topics required for students for the JEE Mains, BITSAT, VITEEE, and other competitive exams. You will be able to answer all 1-mark, 2-mark, and other complex problems during exams if you have read every line carefully and practiced every problem attentively.

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All of those 1 to 2-mark questions on your exams are framed to check your understanding of concepts.

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We often spend more time studying extensive subjects for more marks. Therefore, such questions cover easy-to-miss areas. You may do it by using the questions from CERT books for Class 12 Chemistry.

The five-mark questions will help you comprehend the ideas in detail and with examples, enabling you to submit your answers in exams in your own words.
Every chapter ends with a summary that provides a brief overview of the whole chapter to aid students in a rapid review of any crucial ideas that may have been missed. By following the links provided below, students may download NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry (Part I and Part II).  

Online versions of NCERT books make it easier for students to study while on the road and organize their study schedules in a better way. Students can also review these books online using a phone, or tablet or by downloading the PDF version and saving it for later use.

We hope you may carve out a place for yourself in your regular study plan and approach studying with joy with the NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry. 
NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) issues Chemistry course books for Class 12. NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12 is popular for their recent and comprehensively modified syllabus. The NCERT Chemistry Books are based on the most recent pattern and CBSE guidelines.

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NCERT keeps on revising the NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12, taking the recent previous years' question papers as the basis. The Chemistry Books for Class 12 are well-known for their presentation of questions and their explanation style.

The NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12 is not only drafted for students who are appearing in board exams. However, these textbooks are also helpful in preparing for exams like engineering entrance exams, competitive exams, and Olympiads.

NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12– Download PDF 

NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12 is facilitated in the form of PDF. It will help students download it and use it anytime and anywhere they want. These textbooks are drafted by the best teachers who have wonderful knowledge about the subject.

NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Book

Class 12 Chemistry Part-1  रासांयन भाग 1
Unit 1 The Solid State एकक 1 ठोस अवस्था
Unit 2 Solutions एकक 2 विलयन
Unit 3 Electrochemistry एकक 3 वैद्युतरसायन
Unit 4 Chemical Kinetics एकक 4 रासायनिक बलगतिकी
Unit 5 Surface Chemistry एकक 5 पृष्ठ रसायन
Unit 6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements एकक 6 तत्वों वेफ निष्कर्षण के सिद्धांत एवं प्रक्रम
Unit 7 The p -Block Elements एकक 7 p ब्लॉक के तत्व
Unit 8 The d- and f – Block Elements एकक 8 d एवं f ब्लॉक के तत्व
Unit 9 Coordination Compounds एकक 9 उपसहसंयोजन यौगिक
Class 12 Chemistry Part-2  रासांयन भाग 2
Unit 10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes एकक 10 हैलोऐल्वेफन तथा हैलोऐरीन
Unit 11 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers एकक 11 अलकोहल, फीनॉल एवं ईथर
Unit 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids एकक 12 ऐल्डिहाइड, कीटोन एव कार्बोक्सिलिक अम्ल
Unit 13 Amines एकक 13 ऐमीन
Unit 14 Biomolecules एकक 14 जैव-अणु
Unit 15 Polymers एकक 15 बहुलक
Unit 16 Chemistry in Everyday Life एकक 16 दैनिक जीवन में रसायन

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The NCERT syllabus largely emphasizes making this book student-friendly. This will help students and aspirants to learn from these textbooks with interest and without any burden. The books contain details about the chapters based on multiple boards. NCERT Chemistry Book for Class 12 is absolutely well-matched with central and almost of the Indian education state.


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How can I successfully use the NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry Part 2 PDF?

Students can depend on NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry Part 2 PDF to prepare themselves for board exams. This part involves chapters like seen in the book. Subject professionals draft these books with day and night research on the subject. Therefore, these books are a very good helping hand in preparing for board exams.

Why are the NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12 significant for the exams?

The NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12 Part 1 PDF are drafted to facilitate students an apparent understanding of the topics of multiple questions that would appear in the board examination. The book involves easy explanations to assist students in getting exceptional academic scores. By studying from these books, students can prepare themselves well for the board exams and get excellent marks.

What are the merits of using NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12 PDFs?

The virtues of using NCERT Chemistry Books for Class 12 PDF are-
  • The explanation and example solutions are done in a step-by-step method. In the CBSE exams, marks are awarded systematically. Therefore, learning from these books can really help in preparing oneself for board exams.
  • These books have an easy explanation.
  • The books are prepared as per the guidelines of CBSE. Therefore, learning from these books means preparing for your board exams.

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